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Working With Children

Michael specializes in working with children, and when he meets with younger children, he prefers to meet with the parents alone for the first session and then meet with the child individually at the second evaluation.
We have personally found that collecting as much information as we can about the child in the first session helps us with our treatment plan and it streamlines the process. If you need an exception to be made, we can discuss this.
After the assessment for your child is made, the next 2 sessions will focus on discussion of parenting, treatment planning, therapist expectations, discussion about the child, psychoeducation, prognosis, and more. When we begin designing a treatment plan for your child, we use developmentally appropriate methods to help facilitate behavior change and learning. We strive to create ways to engage your child even when they are facing their fears.

Working With Older Teenagers

When working with older teenagers, parental involvement may or may not be required. Usually, an assessment will include information from your child, and at least one parent. Depending on the severity, nature, or chronicity of the problem, your child may be seen alone or with minimal parental involvement.

Our primary goal when treating teenagers is to help them build competence and use independent strategies to reduce their anxiety / stress, depression, or behavior problems.

Working With Adults

Depending on your needs, your therapist is most likely to work with you individually. At times, it may be helpful to have a family member or support person attend a session with you, especially if you'll be doing work outside of the session during which you might benefit from having a support person who understands the exercises and can offer encouragement. Of course, no one is required to come with you for therapy and it'll always be your decision whether or not to involve another person.

If there are other health care providers involved, we may request your permission to contact them in order to most effectively coordinate your care. We're committed to working with clients of all ages, from children to adults. We also work with couples and families. Visit New Leaf Professional Counseling today.
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Michael is especially experienced in treating children and families.
Jane has expertise in treating disorders in older adolescents and adults.
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