Our Mission

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We practice therapies that work.

Above all, we believe our clients deserve the best psychological treatments available. It is our commitment to offer effective therapies that are supported by scientific research. Our orientation to change is grounded in science and applied in a spirit of kindness, compassion, and empathy.

We strive to collaborate with our clients in order to develop treatment plans, design therapeutic exercises, and celebrate successes within professional, confidential, and comfortable settings.

Our Approach to Treatment

At New Leaf Professional Counseling, we take a genuine and active approach to treatment. We embrace each and every imperfection as a natural state of being and this allows us to view mistakes as a chance to learn.

We regard humility and humor as invaluable tools to help change one’s perspective. As your therapists, we'll work with you to overcome and confront situations that are overwhelming or holding you back from what really matters to you.

What to Expect From Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a kind of therapy that focuses on the interconnections of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. CBT involves the client and therapist working together to develop an understanding of this relationship in the client’s life. Clients are then encouraged to be willing to challenge limiting thoughts and to try new desired behaviors.

Between session practice allows clients to apply new concepts learned in sessions and to see meaningful changes begin to take hold in their daily lives. The treatment plans that we develop with our clients focus directly on each client’s symptoms and are designed to help them enhance their commitment to what makes their lives meaningful. Treatment plans are both portable and flexible so that our clients take with them a model to use in difficult situations they face.
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We provide evidence-based therapies.
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